Since the beginning of the financial crisis in 2008, EAR Properties has managed over $500 million in distressed assets. EAR Properties works closely with asset managers, investors, bankers, real estate agents, attorneys, and BPO appraisers to ensure that all aspects of the REO asset management process are completed expeditiously and efficiently. EAR Properties provides the following services:

Assign qualified, established REO agents to property

Secure, inspect, and winterize property

Determine Occupancy

Offer Cash for Keys (CFK) (if occupied)


Initiate and manage eviction process

Evaluate property condition

Order title report

Perform title curative work

Provide detailed marketing plan (photos included)

Order appraisal or second BPO

Obtain bids for trash-out, maintenance, and rehab

Evaluate environmental, safety, and compliance issues

Develop property marketing strategy
Establish list/sale price according to predetermined limits
Establish tracking/monitoring system
Provide monthly marketing report
Evaluate strategy and pricing every 30 days

Property Management
Order and oversee rehab and maintenance
Weekly occupancy status report
Monthly inspection reports
Clearing of violations with the Department of Buildings, HPD, and all other government entities.
Tracking and timely payment of property expenses such as HOA, utilities, and more.