E.A.R. Properties serves as a liaison between the landlord and tenant. Our duties include but are not limited to the following:



-Application forms

-Credit check

-Lease signing

-Security Deposits in escrow

Property Management

-Rent Collection and lease renewals

-Monthly cash flow and property reports

-Preparation of yearly budget and financial statements

-Payment of all utility bills, taxes and insurance

-Building registration


Maintenance & Repairs

Property Cleaning and Remediation

E.A.R. Properties’ cleaning and remediation services are performed to enhance your property for sales or rentals. Examples of building cleaning services performed include: the proper discarding of all personal item of the previous occupant(s); duct cleaning; removal of mold from walls, ceilings, and floors; as well as carpet cleaning.

Appreciation Services

We offer a wide variety of property appreciation services that can help maximize your net return on your asset. These services include:






-Lawn maintenance

-Snow Removal

Providing a coordinated front that can serve as a buffer between tenants and owners is a major part of our commitment to professionalism and service that is at the heart of our business philosophy. Our current work has assisted all our clients to maintain and enhance their properties. Our knowledgeable in-house maintenance team, property managers and agents enables us to quickly respond to client and tenant requests promptly. E.A.R. Properties is committed to constantly training our management team with the latest technologies as a means to improving our business and building our reputation as the leader in property management.